Antonelli-Zampieri (Antonelli Lambo) take win in eventful last race


A dramatic and eventful Race 2 put an end to the 2016 season of the International GT Open. Daniel Zampieri and Marco Antonelli, with the Atonelli Motorsport, took a superb win, controlling well a race that was marked by two safety-car periods. A contact between Ledogar and Terting in lap 4 prompted the first one, with the other at the end caused by the severe impact of Beaubelique’s Mercedes, who also involved the McLaren of Tappy.

Miguel Ramos-Pieter Schothorst took second, confirming the Teams title for Teo Martín Motorsport. The runner-up position in the overall championship changed in the penultimate lap, when Yacamán-Monje’s BMW collided with the leading car and was forced to retire, leaving the honours to Shaun Balfe, today 6th with Phil Keen on the Balfe McLaren.

The Gt-Am race was also decided in the final lap, with Jürgen Häring-Arkin Aka taking a last-minute win for the Attempto Racing Porsche.

THE RACE - At the start, there is a close fight between Zampieri and Barnes, with the Italian keeping the advantage and the Brit closing well on Ledogar. Further into the first lap, Krognes hits Barnes sending him into a spin, with Keen and Terting taking passing Ledogar in the turmoil. Krognes is in the pits with an open front bonnet, while Yoluc goes into the gravel. In lap 4, race ruined for both Ledogar and Terting as they collide in turn 10, prompting the safety-car out.

The race resumes in lap 8 with Zampieri leading ahead of Keen, Cadei, Sini, Cioci, Schothorst, Perel (who leads in GT-Am), Monje, Policand and the new champion Biagi. The Audi of Cruz gets a drive-through for overtaking under yellow, while Cadei goes wide dropping to P12.

After all driver changes, Antonelli leads with 10 seconds over Yacamán and 12 on Moiseev, who makes a slight off-track in lap 20. Then, Ramos and Fannin in full fight, Balfe, Beaubelique and Tappy. Also Ramos goes wide after passing Moiseev, overtaken later also by Fannin.

The thrilling moment comes in lap 24, when Beaubelique loses the Mercedes at the end of the straight, impacts on the inside wall and collects the McLaren of Tappy. The two drivers are ok but the cars are destroyed and the race is neutralized.

There are only two laps of race left but quite eventful. Yacamán tries to pass Antonelli on the outside for the lead but there is slight contact and the BMW is out of the race with a broken wheel. Antonelli wins ahead of Ramos, Sini, Biagi, Cioci and Balfe, who secures second in the championship. In GT-Am, the restart sees Ricci passing Earle, but eventually Häring pips both of them.