The GT Open 1000 Valencia gears up: last sporting details announced


The 2017 International GT Open may be finished, the season is not! As known, as from this year, GT Sport is adding to its calendar a prestige non-championship race, the GT Open 1000. The first edition of this new 1000 kms race will be held in Valencia on 1st and 2nd December. As entries start to flock in, we can anticipate that this stellar event is attracting a lot of attention and will be a perfect wrap-up to track activity before the winter break. The Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia will provide a perfect Mediterranean set-up to make the experience very enjoyable for all teams and drivers.

GT Sport has made public today the last key aspects in the sporting rules of the GT Open 1000 Valencia. They relate to Driver line-ups combinations, driving time and qualifying.

Three classes, Pro, Pro-Am and Am, are established based on the following combinations, according to FIA driver status.


Platinium + Gold + Silver/Bronze

Gold + Gold + Silver/Bronze

Platinium/Gold + Silver + Silver

Silver + Silver + Silver




Platinium/Gold + Bronze + Bronze

Gold + Silver + Bronze

Silver + Silver + Bronze



Bronze + Bronze + Silver

Bronze + Bronze + Bronze


Driving stints per driver will be of 65 minutes maximum, and drivers won’t be allowed to perform double stints. Three-driver line-ups will be the preferred option, but line-ups of two drivers are authorized; in this case, at least one of the drivers will have to be a Bronze.

The starting grid of the race will be formed according to the average lap time resulting from the addition of the best lap time of each driver of the car divided by the number of drivers (2 or 3) in the car’s line-up.  The team will be free to designate the starting driver.