Interview with the 2018 Champion, Mikkel Mac : « This title belongs to many »


Mikkel Mac is the new International GT Open Champion, and a very worth one : not only he mastered a perfect season with the Ferrari F488 of Luzich Racing, he also imposed himself as one of the most personable characters in the paddock. The 25-year-old has the laid-back, charming and witty personality which is typical of most Danes, and achieved quite a paradox: to keep the suspense for the title battle alive until the very last race although having led the standings since the first round except for a few hours in-between Race 1 and Race 2 at Monza! After duly celebrating the title at Barcelona (“it’s quite tough, when you are not trained!”), he is now fully conscious of the achievement and ready for the traditional interview with the Champion.  

Mikkel, what are your feelings right now?

“I am truly happy of what we have achieved. Winning a title is never easy, despite what the perception from the outside can be. It is true that we had a very good start, with the double win at Estoril, followed shortly qfter by another win at spa, and that what crucial to get things rolling, but we also had to overcome some technical set-backs at the end of the summer. At Silverstone we hit a low point, in terms of performance, without really understanding why, but we reacted well, managed to get some valuable points, and came back strong again at the end, winning at Monza and finishing the job at Barcelona.”

From the outside, it really looked as a perfect team effort…

“Definitely, yes. I really want to stress that this is not my title only, this is the title of an entire team working as one towards an objective. I get the cake but the slices belong to many people, and first of all, to the drivers that have shared the car with me, Alessandro Pier Guidi and Marco Cioci, the drivers of the other cars of the team and every single member of the team. Without their contribution, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

On top, Luzich Racing was a completely new team…

“Yes, that makes everything even more incredible, as Luzich Racing was really launched last-minute, shortly before of the start of the season. Of course, it was new to a certain extent, as we had the technical support of AF Corse and everybody in the team knew each other, but still, it is impressive to see how well the thing worked since Day 1, with everybody working in the same direction and giving the best. Really, I enjoyed tremendously working in such an environment. Michael Luzich and his partner Mia have played a crucial role of leadership, and they were present at every race and every test, providing a tremendous support.”

Personally, how you value this title?

“Together with my GTE title in the ELMS in 2015, it is my biggest achievement so far, but I value it much more, because it is my first overall title as a Pro. It is now four years that I defend Ferrari’s colours and I really wanted to show them what I can do. It is simply great to be associated with the Prancing Horse, I wouldn’t want to be in any other car!”

How do you see your career developing and who would be your model?

“When I was a kid, I was in admiration of Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, now as a driver, I’d like to be like Alessandro Pier Guidi! He’s just so fast, so clever, so calm in every circumstance and so good at the wheel and in analyzing data… For the future, of course, I would love to be a factory driver in the WEC. I love endurance racing, it suits the consistent driving style I have, and I hope to do the Le Mans 24 Hours again, it is such a great race, but I wasn’t very lucky in my only experience there in 2016, as a wheel went off after a pit stop. I’d also love to race the great endurance races in the US, I love the old-school tracks they have there, where barriers are the track limits, and close fighting but always with respect…”