Third win of the season for Grenier-Siedler (Emil Frey Racing Lambo)


Mikaël Grenier and Norbert Siedler joined their team mates Costa-Altoè (today 4th) at the top of the overall standings (both are tied on 49 points), as they took the third win of the season in a Race 1 at Spa-Francorchamps that typically ended with a sudden shower and behind the safety-car. They beat the SPS Automotive Mercedes of Ramos Crestani-Miguel Ramos and the Teo Martín Motorsport McLaren 720S of Martin Kodrić-Henrique Chaves.  

Patrick Kujala and Adrian Amstutz took win in Pro-Am, on the one-off return of Imperiale Racing to the series, with a 2018-spec Lambo, while Antonelli Motorsport conquered a 1-2 in the Am class, as Davide Roda put a great performance to beat team mate Giuseppe Cipriani and the Sports&You duo, Silva-Coimbra.  

THE RACE - It’s typical Spa at the start, with a few drops of rain falling during formation lap as all cars are on slicks. During that lap, while zigzagging to warm tyres, Schandorff hits Rueda, with the Teo Martín McLaren forced to retire with a suspension bent! (The Dane will later receive a stop-and-go penalty).

At the start, Fabrizio Crestani (who inherited the pole after Patrick Kujala (who had signed the pole on the return of Imperiale Racing, with a 2018-spec Huracan) was demoted to 4th for speeding under yellow flags, took the lead over Grenier,  Di Folco, Kujala, Altoè and Cheever. The Finn will retrieve third position as he passes Di Folco and then starts pressing Grenier, while on the lead, Crestani has already built a 3.5 second gap by lap 5. Altoè is fifth ahead of Schandorff, Cheever and Kodrić. Coimbra spins in lap 4 while the HTP Mercedes, already suffering technical issues in qualifying, stops in the pits.

There are spins also for Roda and Hahn, while in the Am class, it’s an impressive Janine Hill leading with the GetSpeed Mercedes. Pit stops start in lap 10, with Pierburg, Hahn and Liang. The leader, Crestani, pits in lap 14, while the last one to do the mandatory stop are Kujala, Di Folco and Cheever.

After all driver changes, Amstutz leads with 3.6 seconds over Ramos, Siedler, Costa, Lenz, Froggatt, Chaves and De Marco. In Am, Roda leads ahead of Silva and Cipriani.

The race becomes very intense as Ramos closes on Amstutz and takes the lead in lap 22 but one lap later, Siedler  leaves no option and takes P1, while the sister Emil Frey car of Costa, passes Amstutz for fourth. But it’s the rain in the final laps that directs the events:  behind an unmoved Siedler in the lead, everybody seems to struggle, with off-tracks and slow-downs. Eventually, with the two last laps covered behind the safety-car, Ramos ise second ahead of the McLaren of Chaves, Costa, Amstutz (who wins in Pro-Am), and Jaeger. In Am, Roda wins ahead of his team mate Cipriani and Silva.