Ramos-Crestani join Teo Martín Motorsport


Teo Martín Motorsport today announced Miguel Ramos and Fabrizio Crestani as its leading pair for the 2020 International GT Open. The strong pair composed of the Portuguese and the Italian, in their third consecutive campaign together in the series, will fight for the title at the wheel of a McLaren 720S. Ramos will also seek to become the driver with most race wins in the GT Open, a ranking where is only one success (19) behind the current leader, Andrea Montermini.

For Ramos (48), it is a return to the Spanish squad, with which he was linked in an earlier period of his career and in 2015, when he conquered the overall GT Open title, already driving a McLaren. Crestani (32) is new to the team, that he joins also strong of a GT Open title (2016) under his belt.

Miguel Ramos: "It is a great pleasure for me to join again Teo Martin Motorsport, a  winning team in which I was very happy in 2015 when we won the International GT Open title and from which I have great memories. It’s led by Teo Martín, a great friend and great professional who has built the most perfectionist team that I have known in my almost 30 years of racing career. I will drive a McLaren again, this time a 720S GT3, after driving the 650S GT3 with which we won the title in 2015 and, in addition, I will also be lucky to have Fabrizio Crestani by my side again in our third season together".

Fabrizio Crestani: "If you look at the past years, in almost every race you can find a Teo Martín Motorsport car in front of the field ... this means it’s a team that always work and push to get to the top and it’s a very motivating factor for me.  It will be the third GT Open season together with Miguel Ramos. This makes me really happy because year after year we are improving and getting to know each other even better so I hope in 2020 we will do another step forward.  The 720S GT3 is just lovely...every detail makes you think it has been designed without any compromise".

Teo Martín, Team Owner: "I am really happy to have Miguel Ramos on the team again after a great 2015 together and, on this occasion, along with another great driver such as Fabrizio Crestani. It will be their third season together and since they crossed their paths they have proven to be a perfectly complemented duo that combines speed and experience, great assets with which they have achieved great results together and that I am sure will give us much joy also in 2020".