Kessel Racing

Kessel Racing

Country: Switzerland

Base: Grancia (Lugano)


Year of Creation: 2000

Team Principal: Ronnie Kessel, Tiziana Borghi (s.d.)

Major Achievements: BGTS and BES Am Champion Driv/Teams in 2017; Le Mans 24 hours Am winner 2016; BES Pro-Am Champion (Driv); GT Sport Club Champion 2016; BGTS, BES and BSS Pro-Am Champion (Driv/Teams) in 2016; Ferrari Challenge World Champion 2016-15-14 & Europe Champion 2014rrari Challenge World & Europe Champion 2014;GTS Champion in GT Open 2012-11-10-09; Ferrrari Challenge World Champion 2012-11; Italian GT3 Champion 2009; FIA-GT3 Champion 2007; Italian GT3 Champion 2007; European Ferrari Challenge winner 2005 & 2003; Italian N-GT Champion 2004 & 2003; French N-GT Champion 2003