GT Open in TV

Worldwide TV coverage and live streaming

Up to now, the events of the Int'l GT Open will be broadcasted live in Spain, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom….

The Int´l GT Open will also count on live coverage in our live streaming platform.

2017 TV production will be provided in FULL HD quality.

In a standard event we use:
• Up to 2 TV trucks.
• Up to 14 HD fix cameras.
• Up to 2 RF cameras covering pit-lane and starting grid.
• 2 Slow Mo HD cameras.
• Satellite mobile station for the uplink.
• HD promotional cameras.

Full list of TV channels broadcasting GT Open races to be published soon.


Official live streaming on our GT Open profile on YouTube. Click to open



Teledeporte (Spain) and on streaming. Click to open


BT Sport (United Kingdom)


Sport TV (Portugal)


DIGI Sport (Central Europe)


Sportitalia (Italy)


PolSat Sport (Poland)


Poverkhnost Sport TV (Russia, CIS countries, Baltic states and Georgia)

     SportsTV Turkey

Sport TV (Turkey)



Motor Trend on Demand (US, Europe, Canada and Mexico)