Media Accreditation Form 2022

Media Accreditation_form_GT_SPORT_2022



We draw your attention to the fact that the special provisions implemented in 2020-21 due to the Covid-19 pandemic may continue to be in force in the first part of the 2022 season and until further notice.

Media attendance to 2022 events cannot be granted and will depend on the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in each country visited and protocols put in place by each track/NSA. These protocols may also be modified according to the evolution of the situation.

GT Sport’s intention is to allow the presence of Media in restricted numbers, as stated in our Covid-19 General Protocol, although national protocols will prevail in any instance.

We will therefore approach the matter event by event. We invite Media wishing to attend our events to submit their accreditation form as from now, although we cannot guarantee a positive outcome.

Accepted requests will be notified as soon as possible prior to each event.

As communicated to the Teams, PR/Media personnel of teams and drivers need to be accredited by the relevant team as team staff.

For any inquiry, please refer to our Media Manager:

Thank you for your understanding under the current exceptional circumstances.


Instructions for Media accreditation

A few basic rules to ease the procedure for all parties and … keep friendly relations:

  • Deadline for accreditation requests (via the official form) is 10 days before the start of the event, i.e. on the Wednesday of the week before the event
  • Except for exceptional cases, confirmations will be sent out 8 days before the event, i.e. on the Friday of the week before the event
  • Accreditation requests, if relevant, should be accompanied by a copy of the professional card and/or a mission letter by the media requesting accreditation
  • Photographers must include in their request a proof of insurance coverage, and they should be able to show this proof before they receive their tabard, if requested, at any time during the event
  • If you fill in the form by hand, please do it in a readable way! Please send it back in pdf format
  • For any queries, contact the Media officer by mail:, trying to keep correspondence constrained to strictly necessary matters.

Thank you!