Int'l GT Open on the Press


In addition to the website, GT Sport has in place a media service that provides comprehensive information (in English and Spanish) and pictures prior, during and after each event, to a database of 900 specialized motorsport journalists in Europe and around the world.

Main Specialized Media Covering the GT Open

In English:Autosport (weekly - circulation 50.000) In German:MotorSport Aktuell (weekly – circulation 30.000)Auto Bild Motorsport (bi-weekly – circulation 40.000)Sport Auto (monthly – circulation 100.000) In French:Autohebdo (weekly - circulation 40.000)                         In Italian:Autosprint (weekly - circulation: 40.000)       In Spanish:Autopista (weekly – circulation 40.000)Autohebdo Sport (weekly – circulation 25.000)Motor 16 (weekly – circulation 25.000) In Portuguese:Auto Hoje (weekly – circulation 40.000)Auto Sport (weekly – circulation 25.000)