Klien praises the GT Open as ‘best Pro-Am platform’ despite JP Motorsport’s difficult season kick off


It hasn’t been a quiet first weekend of the season at Paul Ricard for JP Motorsport, Patryk Krupiński and Christian Klien. The reigning Pro-Am vice champions, debuting with the McLaren 720S, saw their chances almost ruined in the spectacular accident at the start of Race 1, when the car, with Klien at the wheel, was hit and almost overridden by the Mercedes of a rival.

The expert Austrian driver was philosophical about the incident a few hours after it: “The good thing is that nobody got hurt, but it was a completely unnecessary move, given it was turn 3 of race 1 of the year. But that’s racing…”

It took a long night of work to the JP Motorsport crews to repair the car, an effort that was rewarded with a Pro-Am win in Race 2, which meant the real launch of the season for the Polish-German squad. “After missing the Pro-Am title by only one point last year, the objective for 2021 is clearly to win the class title”, continues Klien, “We are still growing as a team, this is only our second season. We decided quite late to switch cars, but we are very happy with the McLaren 720S, which is an excellent machine, and with the technical support we receive from McLaren. This year we will also take part in three events of the DTM, but the main focus will be the GT Open. We want to continue growing here, before thinking of parallel programmes or a second car.”

The former F1 and LMP driver reckons he is enjoying a lot his GT career: “Once you get used to the fact that a GT3 car is not a single-seater or a prototype, GT3 racing is very enjoyable and extremely competitive, and the GT Open, without any doubt, offers the best Pro-Am platform among all.”