The Lechner Racing Porsche of Al Zubair-Soucek takes second win of the season


Al Faisal Al Zubair and Andy Soucek fought back today, with a perfect race, to take their second win of the season, driving the Porsche 911 of Lechner Racing, in Race 2 at Imola. On a day a little bit less warm than yesterday, the Spanish-Omani pair reduced to 5 points their gap with respect to championship leaders, Frederik Schandorff-Michele Beretta, second with the Lamborghini of Vincenzo Sospiri Racing, while yesterday’s winner, Loris Spinelli (AKM Motorsport Mercedes) took third.

In Pro-Am, Jens Reno Moller and Marcus Paverud doubled their success of Saturday, giving a second win to the Honda NSX of Reno Racing, ahead of the Inception McLarens of Moss-Osborne and Iribe-Millroy, while Jens Liebhauser-Florian Scholze (AKM Mercedes) took another success in Am.

THE RACE -  At the start, Schandorff, for the first time in pole, keeps the advantage while Millroy from row 2 passes Agostini, followed by Spinelli, Al Zubair, Liebhauser, Moulin, Moller, Moss and Cipriani. The first two pull away while in lap 3, Agostini is touched by Spinelli at Tosa and sent into a spin. Moss also does a slight off-track at the same corner.

The gap between Schandorff and Millroy remains under one second, but Spinelli will manage to catch and pass the McLaren in lap 10. Still, the Italian has received a 5-second penalty for the incident with Agostini, who by lap 12 has recovered up to 5th.

The pit stops start in lap 15, with Moulin and Moss opening the dances. When the operations are concluded (lap 20), Soucek is in the lead, with 6 seconds over Beretta and Iribe, 8 on Spinelli (who goes slightly off at Villeneuve), 14 on Nemoto and 23 on Ferrari, who will suffer two punctures in his stint.

Soucek will keep the control of things, winning over Beretta and Spinelli, with Nemoto in fourth. In Pro-Am, a last-minute move gives the victory to Paverud, ahead of Moss and Iribe, while Scholze, despite a spin, secures Am victory.