The TF Sport Aston Martin back to victory with De Haan-Eastwood


It was a happy return to the GT Open for TF Sport, Charlie Eastwood and Sam De Haan, as the Aston Martin of the British outfit dominated Race 2 at Red Bull Ring from pole position to the chequered flag. They beat the VSR Lamborghini of Baptiste Moulin and Yuki Nemoto and the AKM Motorsport Mercedes of Florian Scholze-Nico Bastian.

Championship leaders Frederik Schandorff and Mchele Beretta (VSR Lambo) took fourth, but they leave Austria in very good spirits, having extended their lead to 24 points, benefitting of another unlucky day for the Lechner Porsche of Andy Soucek-Al Faisal Al Zubair, who could only finish 7th after suffering a puncture.

In Pro-Am, behind winners Scholze-Bastian, Marcin Jedlinski-Karol Basz (Olimp Racing Mercedes) took second and Jens Reno Moller-Marcus Paverud (Reno Racing Honda) third, with more trophies for Olimp Racing, as Stanislaw Jedlinski-Krystian Korzeniowski doubled the Am win with the Audi R8 LMS.

THE RACE – At the start, Charlie Eastwood, who took pole on his return to the series,  narrowly keeps the advantage over Basz and there is some rubbing between the two, while also Schandorff has passed Al Zubair. Fifth is Carroll, ahead of Millroy, Moulin and Paverud, while Korzeniowski spins and rejoins last. The leading quartet pulls away, with Eastwood building a 4-second margin over Basz by lap 10.

Carroll and Millroy put the show, with a nice fight, while Paverud has passed Moulin for 7th.  

The pit stop window opens in lap 16, with Moss, Moulin and Scholze being the first to stop. After all stops, De Haan has a 7-second lead on M.Jedlinski, 8 on Soucek and 17 on Nemoto. Follow Beretta, Bastian, Balfe and Moller. The last two are in big fight and the Dane passes in lap 26, while Soucek has taken second from Jedlinski. The Spaniard though will suffer a puncture in lap 28 rejoining eighth.

In the lead, De Haan has a 14-second lead on Nemoto, closely followed by Beretta, then Jedlinski, Bastian, Moller, Soucek, Iribe and Tweraser. The last changes see Nico Bastian gaining two positions to finish third.