Ferrari unveils the new 296 GT3


The new GT3 racer of Ferrari has been unveiled at Spa-Francorchamps in the framework of the 24 Hours. The new 296 GT3 will be available for the 2023 season and replace the current 488 GT3. Its mission will be a difficult one, as underlined by Antonello Coletta, the director of Attività Sportive GT: ‘‘The 296 GT3 will have to do as well as the 488 (introduced in 2016), which has been the most successful GT in Ferrari’s history.”

The new 296 GT3, developed closely along the street model launched last Spring, has a lighter all-aluminium chassis, greater brakes and completely new suspensions, state-of-the-art safety and cockpit features and an extremely-refined aerodynamic package. Some of the areas of greater improvement of the 296 GT3 are grip, tyre degradation and sensitivity to height variations. The engine is an evolution of the well-known 3-litre V6, with an output of 600 hp.