RFEdA Court of Appeal decision notified, changes to the overall standings


Yesterday evening, the Panel of Stewards and GT Sport were officially notified of the decision of the Court of Appeal of the Spanish Federation (RFEdA) regarding the appeal lodged by Team Motopark to the results of Race 2 at the Red Bull Ring.

The Court of Appeal has decided to accept the appeal and invalidated altogether the results of Race 2 at the Red Bull Ring.

The teams have been informed of the developments in a meeting this morning at Barcelona, where the new championship standings have been communicated. Teams were also reminded that, as interested parties, they have a right to appeal the decision if they so wish.

The revised championship standings, taking into account the cancellation of Race 2 at the Red Bull Ring, are published in the relevant section of our website.

The new standings situation is as follows:

Overall: 1. Menchaca, 103 points; 2. Siebert, 97 ; 3. De Haan-Fagg, 95 points;  4. Haase-Reicher, 89; 5. Chovert-Paul, 88; etc
Pro-Am: 1. Cheever-Pulcini, 59  points; 2. Jedlinski-Basz, 48; 3. Jans=Blom, 47 ; 4. Schirò-Rosi, 41 ; 5. Müller=Mettler, 34 ; etc
Am: 1. Neumann-Rumpfkeil, 66 points; 2. Grunewald-Saada, 62; 3. Cipriani, Kirchmayr-Baron, 53 ; 5. Cozzi-Sernagiotto, 52; etc
Teams:  1.Motopark, 61 points ; 2. Optimum Motorsport, 56; 3. Eastalent Racing, 55; 4. Oregon Team,  52; 5. AF Corse, 38; etc