High expectations for the 2024 season, as interest for the GT Open grows steadily


2024 has just started and it does so with very proising prospects for the International GT Open. Building on the excellent numbers of 2023, it can be anticipated that 2024 will be even better in terms of number of competitors and level of the field.

With the start of the season still some months away, it is premature to announce specific names but in the forthcoming weeks, teams will start to communicate their programmes. What can be said at this time is that most of the teams that have competed in the International GT Open in 2023 will be back, in some instances with an extended entry.

Some welcomed come-backs are also anticipated, and more interestingly, the International GT Open is attracting increasing from teams that haven’t participated in the series so far. Over twenty of those are considering debuting in the series, with ISR Racing being the first that has publicly confirmed its participation.

Official GT Open track activity will start on 11-13 March with the Winter Test at Barcelona.